Walking Through a Water Wonderland

still water

Saturday I went for a walk at the air force base and used my phone* to photograph what I saw.

rainbow over the walking trail

This rainbow lasted a solid two hours because of the afternoon sunlight and the light rain in the distance. There was some mistiness where I was, but nothing that affected me.

tulip poplar bloom

The tulip poplars are falling…

submarine sunset at low tide

The tide was lower than I’ve ever seen it. A submarine went by in the channel, but looked like I could have walked to it.

muddy water

This is where I usually have a view of the ships with water (and mangroves) in front of them.

white coral

A spot of bright white in a sea of murk and gray.

Mangrove roots

For the first time, I was able to walk all the way to those mangroves.

purple fragment

Fragments of purple on the exposed sand gave evidence of urchins.

broken urchins

In a tide pool there were more, but nothing alive except for some very tiny fish. I’m sure everything moved into deeper water as the tide receded.

sandy shadows

As the sun sank toward the horizon, even the tiny things cast long shadows that gave them an illusion of significance.

*Bear with me if the quality isn’t always as great as it could be, but I didn’t want to haul my big camera with me. 

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