Post-Christmas Clean-up Fail

Sometimes I’m just like the mouse who was given a cookie.

I don’t know if it’s something to do with my age, or that I suddenly have a lot of energy for doing things because I’m excited for the new year or what, but I woke up this morning determined to get down as many of the Christmas decorations as I could.

I started pulling down and collecting the various decor pieces into the den (which is my usual method) so that I could see what all I had and organize it into boxes. This repacking is especially critical because we may not open these boxes again until we’ve moved and I want them to be packed very well so they don’t all break.

After collecting most of the items into the den, I went upstairs to our big storage closet and started pulling out boxes… and found that in the back were some things that have never been unpacked from when we moved to Hawaii over two years ago. It occurred to me that we could probably get rid of most of these things (except the collectable things, etc, that we just don’t have a place to display here) and so I started pulling all sorts of things out of the back of the closet. And then I realized I could reorganize the seasonal decorations and consolidate the tubs those are in, so I pulled out all of those, too. Before too long the entire hall, half of my bathroom and a quarter of my bedroom was filled with tubs and boxes that need to be reorganized.

I remembered that there were some odds and ends in my bedroom closet that could be put into some of the tubs, so I went into my closet to look for them… and noticed that, since I’ve acquired some new clothes recently, my closet is looking a little full and that it’s about that time of year to donate again. I started pulling everything out of the closet that I want to give away, and then saw that I really needed to move my tshirts into a new space so I could see my not-tshirts better and know what was clean, and before I knew it, the bed was covered in my clothes.

And then I realized it was 2pm and I was supposed to be at my cousins’ house for New Year’s day dinner. An hour previous.

I dropped what I was doing and went to dinner (which was lovely) and had a good time playing cards and hanging out with everyone, and around 7pm I headed home.. and discovered my reorganizing project that still hasn’t cleaned itself up in my absence. I knew I had to clear the bed, so I got to work on the closet. Around 8:40, I realized I needed the stool that’s downstairs in the kitchen. When I got to the kitchen, I saw my computer….

So here I sit, at almost 9pm, blogging about it.

If you give a mouse a cookie…

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