Thursday Treat: Cupcakes!

1/12/2012 bare cupcakes

Today was a long day, and I decided to treat myself to something sweet at the end of it (and after I’d had supper). Unfortunately, all I had in the house were some box cake mixes that I not only was saving to turn into other things (they make good bases for stuff), but make, y’know, ENTIRE CAKES. I neither need nor want an entire cake. Really I wanted cookie dough, but that required making cookie dough (and I don’t like to eat my homemade dough for whatever reason) or *GASP* leaving the house.

Aside: Because it’s me, leaving the house requires dry hair (even if I don’t blow it dry) and a matching outfit of sorts. Preferably makeup, too, with how tonight has gone. But that’s a lot of effort and really it’s a lot easier to just not go anywhere. Back to our story.

This left me with the option of making something with what I have on hand, which isn’t much in the way of making sweets. I did, however, have some sugar, eggs and flour… and therefore the basics of cake! I went online and found a very simple, oil-free cake recipe and then tweaked it a little until it looked and tasted the way I wanted. The best part? It made SIX CUPCAKES. Just six. I can manage six. I might still give half of them away, but really they’ll work just fine.

While they were baking, I started pulling out other odds and ends to come up with a frosting. Homemade frosting is a recent talent I’ve discovered; I’m a teeny bit mad at myself for never trying it before because I make some very nice frosting, if I do say so myself!

1/12/2012 chocolate cream cheese frusting

Here in my mixing bowl I put in some butter, some cream cheese, some powdered sugar, some cocoa… and made a chocolate cream cheese frosting that might just be my new favorite. I’m not even kidding.

After about twenty minutes, the cupcakes were done so I pulled them out of the oven, let them cool, and then frosted them. The cake has chocolate sprinkles in it, and I put more sprinkles on top because really, who doesn’t like sprinkles? No one, that’s who.

1/12/2012 completed cupcakes

So there they are! My cupcakes (minus the one I ate). ^_^

The irony? Going to the store (wearing, y’know, shoes and stuff) was too much effort for me… so I baked stuff from scratch instead. Go figure.

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