Sometimes settling in takes a minute

And sometimes settling in takes, oh, almost two and a half years.

Today I finally found the last piece I wanted to go in the weird wall space above the stairs. It’s been bothering me ever since we moved into the house in October 2009. During the holidays, it’s all right because I can put garland there, like so:

But during the rest of the year, well… It’s an awkward spot. But it needed something. About six months ago I found these really great wall sconces that worked well there, but they needed something between them. I tried hanging scrolls (cheap ones I’d had hanging there at one point in an attempt to decorate that spot) and I tried an expensive hanging scroll (wound up fitting in the bedroom better) and tried not hanging anything at all, but none of that worked. And then, lo and behold, I found the perfect piece. It’s a piece I’d considered before (from Pier 1)  but it was always out of my price range (again, it’s from Pier 1), but today as I was strolling through their clearance section, I found that piece for about 40% less than the regular price.

And now my awkward wall is properly decorated! ^_^ For the last 8ish months we’ll live in this house. Heh. Ta da!

(This photo isn’t the greatest, but the colors of the sconces and the piece match very well, especially the greenish-blue part. And they all have a hint of floral pattern. It looks much better in person, trust me.)

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