Not much happens and then everything at once: week 11 of 2012

Irony: I last posted a 365 entry on the day I took this photo… and I took this photo because as I went to bed I realized I’d forgotten to take a photo for the day, even though I’d just uploaded a bunch of them. So I give you: My Bedside Table on Monday, March 12.

3/12/2012 bedside table

3/13/2012 huge turtle at the zoo

Tuesday was a sunny day (first in a while) and the turtles were all basking. I’m always amazed by the size of the turtles around the lemur islands…

3/14/2012 pi(e) day pies

Wednesday was, of course, 3/14 and therefore pi(e) day. I used some crescent roll dough I had in the fridge (plus a homemade apple filling) to make muffin-sized apple pies.

3/15/2012 Caspian in a hamper

Thursday I found Caspian peeking at me. He’s been sleeping in baskets again lately.

3/16/2012 firetruck

Friday J and I got caught behind a firetruck cleaning some fluids off the roadway. It was kind of interesting to be the first car in line and to get to see everything.

3/17/2012 Saint Patrick's Day 2012

Saturday was Saint Patrick’s Day so of course we had to wear green.

3/18/2012 in the plane heading to MN

Sunday we left for the mainland for a very short visit after a death in J’s family. Because Sunday was such a whirlwind, the only photos I took were on the plane. We only made it to Seattle on Sunday night, though. Yay layovers.

So that was the third week of March. It was a slow week until the middle when we had to make sudden plans to travel… which is a big part of why my photos didn’t get posted. But there you have it.

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