Like running a marathon: Week 12 of 2012 in photos

3/19/2012 keBOBs

Monday, 3/19, we finally made it to Minnesota and had giant kebabs for dinner.

3/20/2012 little J in snowsuit

Tuesday I got to spend a long time looking through old family photos– and used my phone to photograph some of my favorites. Here’s a little J in a snowsuit.

3/21/2012 LEGOs at MOA

Wednesday J and I went for a walk around the Mall of America so he could look for a new phone. He wanted the LEGO more, though…

3/22/2012 Seattle airport, again

3/22/2012 Butter London salon in Seattle

Thursday we headed back toward Hawaii, with another layover in Seattle where we got manicures. Yes, J, too.

3/23/2012 Switchfoot in concert

Thursday night I met up with my youth group and went straight to a youth conference for the weekend, where on Friday night we had Switchfoot in concert.

3/24/2012 Caspian in a basket

By Saturday when I finally got home I was beyond exhausted and the only photo I seem to have is of Caspian in a basket. Again. I take a lot of cat photos, but I really do try not to subject you to them…

3/25/2012 Leena's iPad

…unless it’s all I have. And so you have Sunday with Leena playing on the iPad. We downloaded one of the “cat” games where she’s supposed to “catch” little wiggly fish. Instead she sits on it so she can’t see any of them. I guess that means she’s winning…?

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