Field trip to the vet

I guess you could say I’ve had a productive day. Of sorts.

I was up late last night for no particular reason (well, I was decorating Easter eggs pretty late, so there’s that) and noticed that Caspian’s ears felt very hot to the touch, so I called the vet. Our vet is open 24 hours a day, even on holidays, for emergencies. I described the fever, and a couple of other symptoms (observed discharge a couple of days ago, etc) and was advised to bring him in first thing in the morning if I didn’t want to take him right THEN. As I didn’t much want to drive to the vet at 1:30 in the morning, I elected to get up at 7 and take him in around 8.

When I got there, a friend from the zoo was working (she’s a front-office person for the vets’ office) and I sped right through the walk-in process.

And after an hour there…

I was told Caspian is probably constipated. Oh, and angry. Very angry.

So I came home with some kitty laxative that he’s reluctantly taking (I guess it must taste all right, but it’s a paste and therefore weird) and instructions to “keep an eye on him” as if I’d do anything else.

After that I vacuumed and steam-mopped the floors and then settled in to finish my Easter egg decorating, which I did. You can see the final product here. ^_^ I’m especially proud of the Harry Potter and Doctor Who eggs, though I’m really pleased with the Celtic designs I did and want to make more. Just not right now. I have more eggs than I can manage at the moment.

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