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Egg-stravaganza gets a little Geeky…

So, today I decided I wanted an art project and being that it’s Easter weekend, I decided to color some eggs. After a quick search online, I found some really fun egg ideas, including egg geodes (where you wash out the shells and make multicolored salt or sugar crystals inside of them), but my favorite idea was the easiest– Sharpies to color the eggs! I did a quick search and couldn’t find anything saying the Sharpie would hurt you (provided it was only on the egg shell), but I think I’ll still check them for color before I eat them later…

I also found a new method for boiling eggs that keeps them from getting rubbery and keeps the yolks from turning green.

So then I dug out all of my Sharpies (turns out I have a lot of them) and started coloring… I did one that looks sort of like a little Faberge egg, then one that has a sun and moon (because of a book I loved as a kid), and then… well, then I noticed that I have a coupld of silver Sharpies… and that I could probably make an R2D2.

And of course I had to make him some friends…

Then I noticed that the blue was the perfect shade of TARDIS blue, so then this happened:

And if course if I made a TARDIS I had to make a Dalek, too…

And then I wanted to make a Lord of the Rings one, but didn’t feel like looking up anything elvish or get involved making character eggs, so I did this one:

Then I made a really pretty Celtic cross that I was rather proud of… and it slipped out of my fingers as I was photographing it and it cracked. The Egg Safety people say that I have to throw it away now because it’ll get bacteria, but I’m going to ask My Mother tomorrow if I can still eat the egg, y’know, tomorrow if it’s been in the fridge. I feel like it’s probably okay for a day, though not much longer. Mostly I’m sad that such a pretty egg broke already. The egg breaking made me notice the time (I’m tired, which probably explains the egg-droppage) so I put them away and will make the rest tomorrow. And there will be another lovely Celtic cross, and maybe one with a sunrise or something on it. ^_^ I’ll post all of them into an album on my photo blog when I’m done with them. Yay for pretty eggs! ^_^

[UPDATE: 4/7/2012]
There is now an album! ^_^

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