Vog is in the air

I’ve been feeling just plain YUCK all week, but I made it into the zoo this morning (just for the morning), went to a presentation on stress levels in zoo animals that are being transported (and ways to reduce said stress), and was getting ready to leave when I heard someone mention that the news said the vog’s been really bad this week.

So maybe I’m not sick. Maybe I’m just having a really nasty reaction to the vog.

In other news, I’m going to a Mad Hatter tea party (that includes costumes, yay!) on Saturday. You KNOW there will be photos of THAT. I think most of the people going are doing very Alice-in-Wonderland type costumes, but as a fan of the Looking Glass Wars books, I’m going with more of a steampunk type outfit. Or something. Mostly I’m digging through my costume closet and putting together what I think will be fun, plus a hat. You must wear a hat to a Mad Hatter tea party.

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