Random Questions from blog prompters

I was stumped on what to write tonight, so I went to a random prompt generator and got some random questions.

1. You are forced to flee from your home and relocate 2,000 miles away. You can take only what you can carry in your arms. What will you take?
Cats, phone, external hard drive (with all my photos and music backed up on it.) Best tip I’ve ever gotten for carrying scared kitties in an emergency? Pillowcases. Keeps them contained and makes them easy to carry.

2. What superpower would you choose to have?
This is hard, but I’ve actually given it some thought. At first I thought I’d like to be able to talk to animals, but I’m not 100% sure I want to know what my cats really think of me all the time, so I’m going to go with Tonks’s ability to change her appearance at will. That would be fun, and awfully convenient.

3. Write about a question that looms large in your mind right now.
Where will I be living this time next year? I really have no idea and won’t know for a while longer, it seems.

 4. Describe your cooking skills and your favorite thing to cook.
My cooking skills are moderate and I like to bake more than I like to cook, but my favorite thing to cook might be barbeque chicken and cornbread because the payoff is so worth it. And shepherd’s pie. I like to make shepherd’s pie.

5. How old do you want to be?
I like the age I am now, though some days I wish I could be about 7 or 8 again.

6. Describe your perfect spring day. What do you like to do outside?
Work in the garden a little in the morning, make a picnic lunch and then go to the beach for the afternoon, grill out for supper and sit on the porch to eat it.

 7. Weird is…
This prompt. I’m not sure what to make of it.

8. My favorite animal is…
The running joke at the zoo is that my favorite animal is whichever one I’m looking at when you ask me. I love big cats and for a long time it was tigers, but I’m thinking I like lions a little better. I’ve been saying “snow leopard” if I had to pick one, though, which is, of course, neither a lion or a tiger. It’s easier for me to say the animals I don’t really like, such as spiders and centipedes. I’m also not a big fan of monkeys and apes, other than the individual ones I have a “relationship” with through my volunteering.

9. Write about your favorite cereal.
This changes every so often, but Honey Nut Cheerios are actually one of my comfort foods, so I guess that’s my favorite?

10. My ten favorite scents or smells are…
Fresh clover, wood smoke (i.e. campfire),  cinnamon, fresh bread, after a rain storm, clean hay, pumpkin spice things, coffee, fir trees, J’s pillow.

There were a few that came up that I skipped because I couldn’t answer them properly in this format. Either you’d get a “yes” or “no” and nothing else, or I’d have to write pages on the topic and I am tired. So there you go. Ten randomly generated prompts from a website I hadn’t seen before tonight.

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