So, remember a couple of days ago I posted about how either the cats were DVRing things for me or that the DVR itself might have become sentient?

Well, if you recall, one of the shows I’d set it to record was Psych. After discovering that it hadn’t recorded any of those episodes for the last two months, I checked the settings, made sure it was going to record the season finale, and then found the episodes online and On Demand (for several recent ones) and got all caught up on the show before the finale.

Well. I turned on my DVR earlier and saw “Psych” at the top of the list (having been most recently recorded) and went to hit play… and watched (slightly confused) through five minutes of an unusually serious set-up for Psych. I didn’t follow any of the action, didn’t recognize any of the characters… and yet sometimes Psych is a little peculiar and plays with its own genre and such, so I stuck with it….

Until I got to the theme song/intro where I was (finally) let in on the fact that I was watching Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

Not. Kidding.

I know Law & Order (all of them) are popular shows. I know this. But I have never made it through a single, solid episode (except for the time I tried to watch the British version where they wear wigs. I saw three of those and then gave up on that, too.) much less set my DVR to record it.

AND the listing (and the “info” when you push the button) still had PSYCH on it.

What in the world??

So I’ve run the cable box through its reset program, and hopefully the problem will be resolved. You see, I can’t quite take the box back yet because it’s got some shows on it that I’m saving for J and he hasn’t had a chance to watch them… so I have to wait on him to get a new box.

In the mean time…

Does anyone know what to do with a crazy, possibly-sentient DVR? Or how to train the cats to scoop their own box?

Surely if they can program a DVR they can clean their own box.

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