Finding Art in the Everyday: week 15 of 2012 in pictures

4/9/2012 best portrait of alien family ever

This week has been filled with art in surprising places. This first picture from Monday was hanging in a “gallery” at one of the local frozen yogurt shops, where about 25 drawings by 4 and 5 year old kids were featured. This one was far and away the best, as it depicts an alien family in so much detail. I couldn’t stop looking at this drawing! I mean, a bird-mom, a kid with another kid growing out of his head and a bunny with eye-stalks coming out of its ears? What’s not to love? (Not kidding, I really like this drawing!)

4/10/2012 organized pantry

Tuesday I didn’t feel well (later I learned I was reacting to bad vog), so I stayed home from the zoo. Later in the afternoon I felt better so I made a project of reorganizing my pantry. Apparently this was the only photo I took that day. Art in organization.

4/11/2012 Caspian applauds reusable bags

Wednesday I went grocery shopping and Caspian “helped” me unpack the bags when I got home. At some point I tried to take his picture and he tried to grab some lint at the same time… and it looks like he’s applauding. Cute. ^_^Art in animals.

4/12/2012 tiger stress levels study

Thursday I attended a talk about the study being done on the juvenile tigers at the zoo. A local college student is doing his thesis on whether or not accompanying animals in transit (i.e. zoo animals being sent to other zoos) reduces stress in the animal. This was the chart where cortisone levels are listed for one of the tigers. The big spike is right after an earthquake about 100 miles away from him, and the other small spike might correspond to when he was first introduced to the female tiger. It was pretty interesting.

4/13/2012 Mediterranean lunch

Friday I had a really pretty lunch. Art in food.

4/14/2012 pirate map invitation

Saturday I finished making the pirate map party invitations for a friend’s daughter’s party later this month. I think they turned out really well considering I free-handed all of it. Art in…. art! haha

4/15/2012 Sunday sunset

And Sunday (today) I photographed the sunset from the back porch. Art in the skies.

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