At the Mad Hatter Tea

Mad Hatter tea group shot

I finally got my photos edited and uploaded from the Mad Hatter tea party last weekend. You can see them at my photo blog, though I’ll post a couple of favorites here.

Mad Hatter tea table

Many of the photos are either of me or of my friend’s daughter, mostly because I didn’t take many photos of the actual drinking-tea part of it (though I should have, I suppose) and because the daughter wanted to take pictures, so I attached the camera to her (don’t want anything breaking), showed her how to take photos, and then let her tell me how to pose. She took some pretty random shots (of grass, sky, my stomach, her own feet…) but some of them came out really well. I have shared those, too. She did keep having me put my hands out in an odd little way, though.

Mad Hatter tea photo bomb

After the tea party, she borrowed my top hat and played tightrope walker, so there are photos of that, too. Generally the pictures are of our costumes and then me playing with poses and such. You’ve been warned.

Mad Hatter tea tree portrait

The tea party was a fun idea, though. I think next time we should invite more people, and maybe do the sort of thing where you can only eat one type of thing at a time and have a timer that goes off at random intervals to have us change seats. That could be fun. Also it would give me an excuse to wear my hat again. Or another one. I like hats.

Mad Hatter tea flowers and teapot

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