Flowers and Dancing Sea Creatures

Today was a nice day and I wanted to be outside so I went to the garden store and bought potting soil and some annuals (okay, a lot of annuals) and I remade all of my container gardens. The pots are now in groupings on the front porch (where I am better about watering, and they don’t get baked by the afternoon sun). There will be photos eventually, I’m sure, but none for today because as I was finishing, my friend pulled up to take me to dinner and a play…

…which I’d forgotten we were leaving at THAT time to attend. Well, I remembered, but I really thought it was earlier in the day than it turned out to be. So she waited the 15 minutes it took me to shower and change and get back downstairs and out the door.

The show was put on by the local university’s theater and dance department and involved Polynesian dance, ballet, and puppetry arts. The first half was made of short dance pieces. The second half had plot and puppet characters that went down into the ocean. My favorite part involved the jellyfish, but I think I was most excited by the pair of dancing anglerfish. Wouldn’t you be? The fish and other sea creatures were done similarly to the Lion King in that the people were blended with the puppets, costumes, etc. Very cool.

But yeah. Dancing anglerfish. Pretty awesome.

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