Reasons I love my cats

You’re getting this post in part because it’s not even 9pm and I’m seriously considering heading toward bed as soon as I’m done. Also because I haven’t written about my cats yet for this whole BEDA thing. And nothing much interesting happened today except the zoo’s volunteer appreciation dinner. I went, I ate, and felt very appreciated. I mean this in all seriousness– the zoo does not fail to make me feel like I’m really making a difference. Good job, zoo!

So. Reasons I love my cats.

  • They are good at snuggling.
  • They are almost always happy to see me.
  • They talk to me.
  • Leena sings to me.
  • Caspian likes to “groom” with me– hairbrush, ear cleaning, towel dry together. ^_^
  • They keep me warm when I am cold at night.
  • I am never home alone.
  • They catch the bugs.
  • They are nice to pet.
  • I do not have to take them on walks or to parks or for exercise. We can just play string and then take a nap. It is fabulous.
  • They do not tolerate people they don’t like. It’s entertaining to watch them snub other people.
  • They are both loud purrers.
  • They are well trained.
  • They love me, too. ^_^


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