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Reasons I love my cats

You’re getting this post in part because it’s not even 9pm and I’m seriously considering heading toward bed as soon as I’m done. Also because I haven’t written about my cats yet for this whole BEDA thing. And nothing much interesting happened today except the zoo’s volunteer appreciation dinner. I went, I ate, and felt very appreciated. I mean this in all seriousness– the zoo does not fail to make me feel like I’m really making a difference. Good job, zoo!

So. Reasons I love my cats.

  • They are good at snuggling.
  • They are almost always happy to see me.
  • They talk to me.
  • Leena sings to me.
  • Caspian likes to “groom” with me– hairbrush, ear cleaning, towel dry together. ^_^
  • They keep me warm when I am cold at night.
  • I am never home alone.
  • They catch the bugs.
  • They are nice to pet.
  • I do not have to take them on walks or to parks or for exercise. We can just play string and then take a nap. It is fabulous.
  • They do not tolerate people they don’t like. It’s entertaining to watch them snub other people.
  • They are both loud purrers.
  • They are well trained.
  • They love me, too. ^_^


4 thoughts on “Reasons I love my cats”

    1. Oh, Caspian’s been vying for the Most Obnoxious Cat Sound EVER award. He’s doing VERY well on that front, especially 30 minutes before my alarm clock every morning…


      1. Does he drool? Rush drools… its one of the ickiest things ever, he needs and sucks on whatever it is he’s sitting on. I can’t stand it, keep having to nudge him off the bed in the mornings.


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