And then I went to the beach: week 16 of 2012 in photos

4/16/2012 chocolate rabbit

I couldn’t think of a clever theme for the 3rd week of April, except that most of my photos were from the zoo, and I ended the week at the beach. This is the tiny chocolate rabbit from my Easter basket that was (almost) too pretty to eat… until Monday the 16th, anyway.

4/17/2012 sleepy tiger

Tuesday the 17th was, of course, a zoo day. (This was taken through the bars and zoomed a lot, fyi).

4/18/2012 painting my nails

Wednesday the 18th I did my nails… though I can’t recall what color and this was the only photo that day.

4/19/2012 meeting the komodo dragon up close

Thursday I got to meet one of the komodo dragons.

4/20/2012 beach day blue skies and bluer water

And then I went to the beach. (Friday.)

4/21/2012 a show with a dancing anglerfish

Saturday I went to the show with the dancing anglerfish.

4/22/2012 poof on my head

And Sunday was our annual fundraiser auction, and we decorated the tables with these poof… things…. so I put one on my head.

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