Flowers and Food and Fun: week 17 of 2012 in pictures

4/23/2012 flowers in the front garden

This is a little peek into my container garden just two days after planting– as of this past Monday, the 23rd.

4/24/2012 painted rock

Tuesday the 24th was the zoo’s volunteer appreciation dinner and this was the rock I painted for the rock painting contest. ^_^ It’s got a bunch of native Hawaiian birds on it and I was pleased with how it looked.

 4/25/2012 stars and stripes

Wednesday the 25th was a sunny day and the flag on our front porch was pretty in the sunlight.

4/26/2012 African wild dog sun bathing

One of the African wild dogs at the zoo enjoying the sun on Thursday the 26th.

4/27/2012 sushi lunch date

Friday, J and I had a sushi lunch date. ^_^

 4/28/2012 pirate map

Saturday was the pirate-themed birthday party for my friend’s daughter that I’ve been helping her plan. I made this treasure map so we could take the kids on a Pirate Quest (around the back yard and common grass area of the neighborhood).

4/29/2012 taking J to Bubbies for the first time

Sunday J and I got Thai food for lunch and then I took him to Bubbies for mochi ice cream. That yellowy one is key lime flavor!

 4/30/2012 Fluttershy shirt

Today (Monday, 4/30) I am wearing my new Fluttershy shirt. It’s the last day of April so I thought I’d finish out my BEDA with the last of my April 365 photos. Hope you enjoyed them! ^_^

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