Days downtown: week 20 of 2012 in photos

I spent a lot of time downtown this week, especially at the zoo, so most of this weeks’ photos are from that.

5/14/2012 Coke display

This was the Coke display at the grocery store on Monday. I thought it was cool. They do some really clever things with the boxes of soda. It never makes me want to buy any, though, so I’m not sure if it’s entirely successful in terms of marketing.

5/15/2015 tiger toy

Tuesday we made toys for a couple of the tigers– cardboard boxes filled with shredded banana leaves and meat treats, then tied to a rope and dragged across the exhibit (through the fence) for them to chase. This guy likes to drag all his toys into the pool for a good soaking. ^_^

5/16/2012 noticing a pattern this month

Wednesday’s photo is of Leena trying to get my attention. She does this “Look at the cute kitty!” pose when she wants something, usually food. I have a lot of cat photos this month because I’ve been busy and keep forgetting to take photos of things on days when I actually have down time.

5/17/2012 after a day at the zoo

Thursday as I was leaving the zoo I joked that I looked like I was coming from a crime scene. I took a photo of one leg (though the rest of me looked similar) as proof. The brown is mud/sludge from the rhino yard and the red is pureed beets that we gave to the baboons. Unfortunately the beets leaked through the container and went all over me, staining my hands and clothes (and skin under my shirt even) red. At least I was able to wash off all of it eventually.

5/18/2012 driving downtown

Friday we had dinner downtown with some friends, and were stuck in traffic when I took this photo.

5/19/2012 perfect start to the day

Saturday was a very long day with a zoo event during the morning and early afternoon and then a dinner theater in the evening. At least J and I got to start off with a date at our favorite breakfast place.


Sunday (yesterday) was youth Sunday but I didn’t take pictures of that on my phone. Instead you get a photo of my pretty orange zinnia. ^_^

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