Cats and Concerts: week 19 of 2012 in photos

5/8/2012 pink blooms

I’m starting on Tuesday again for this week’s entry but will try and get back to starting on Mondays to keep track of the weeks better. All of the bougainvillea are blooming and this is my favorite color.

5/9/2012 kitties being cute

Wednesday I was doing yard work and came in to find the kitties taking a nap together. I didn’t get a clear napping photo because they hate to be caught looking cute, but I did manage to get this one before they got up and stalked off in separate directions.

5/10/2012 free concert on base

Thursday J and I went to a free concert on base.

5/12/2012 froyo lights

Friday I was hanging out with a friend and we got frozen yogurt– I liked the overhead lights.

5/11/2012 is the diet working?

Caspian has taken to carrying this string toy around the house with him. I’m also not sure that the diet is working. The vet can’t figure it out, either– he’s been on prescription food for 10 months and hasn’t lost anything. I keep telling them this is just the size he’s meant to be. He’s the Saturday photo.

5/13/2012 waterfall inside church

Sunday the waterfall fountain was working at church so I took a photo. They don’t turn it on all the time and it’s pretty.

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