Food, flowers, and fans: week 18 of 2012 in photos

I know I’m very far behind in my photos, but I have been taking them and just haven’t had the time to sit here and upload them. May’s been a very busy month, what with one thing and another. Anyway, you’re getting 3 weeks’ worth today, and here’s the first. 5/1/2012 pretty zoo morning

May 1 was a Tuesday, so this week will be a short one. It was a really pretty day and the sky was gorgeous at 8am.

5/2/2012 the view from the monorail

Wednesday I was at the mall that has two buildings with a monorail between. For whatever reason I’ve never taken the monorail before (instead just walking between the buildings), so Wednesday I tried it. Cheap thrills.

5/3/2012 I'm the only one bothered by this

This empty box was part of the enrichment we gave to the baboons on Thursday– their food was inside boxes like this. I’d never heard of “chicken in a biscuit flavor” crackers before and thought it was bizarre enough to take a photo. Since then, every single person who’s seen this picture has said, “Oh, I’ve had those, they’re kind of good.” And then they look at me like I’m the weird one.

5/4/2012 every Friday night

This photo was taken because I’d forgotten to take one on Friday, but it’s the stack of empty pizza boxes that we have every single Friday night after our youth event.

5/5/2012 prepped stage

Saturday J and I went to a play starring one of my high schoolers. It was very cute, based on a Scandinavian fairy tale similar to Beauty and the Beast.

5/6/2012 Jurassic Park?

Sunday we found this vehicle parked in our neighborhood. I offer no further comment.

5/7/2012 dead air conditioner

Also on Sunday our air conditioner stopped working, so the photo for Monday is one of our fans. I sat in front of this one most of the day because J had the car and it was 87 degrees inside the house. Ick.

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