Things for which my sister is too tall.

Luau pics003

Over the last couple of months that I’ve been visiting my family (it’s been an extended visit, what can I say?), I’ve discovered a growing list of things for which my sister is too tall. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Disney World (starting with the tram from the parking lot, and including many of rides)
  • the tables at the tavern at Colonial Williamsburg
  • the tables at Friendly’s
  • the doorways at the Casemate Museum at Fort Monroe
  • hotel ceilings, in general
  • shirts
  • knee-high boots (which come up to her mid-calf)
  • cars
  • IMAX theaters

It’s okay, though. We make a perfect team. You see, there’s a long list of things for which I am too short. Most of them involve me, y’know, REACHING things.

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