Cupcakes for one?

Rainbow cupcake

I like cupcakes.

When I have a long day, or when I want a small treat, or when I feel like baking, cupcakes almost always fit the bill. The problem is that most recipes yield two dozen of the things, and there is only one of me and I neither need nor want to eat twenty-four cupcakes all at once.

1/12/2012 completed cupcakes

I’ve tried a few things. I even have a recipe that makes only six cupcakes, from scratch! But they are only good when they are super fresh, so even then I end up with at least a couple that aren’t the best. So here’s what I’m thinking.

Cake freezes well.

Frosting can be made in small batches, and even store-bought frosting can be refrigerated for up to two weeks.

SO I baked a dozen cupcakes,
did not frost them,
and put them in the FREEZER after they’d cooled about twenty minutes.

My thought is that they will last a WHILE…

…and then all I have to do is thaw one at a time, put on fresh frosting, and have

cupcakes with elephant sprinkles


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