BEDA Day 1: Throwback Thursday

baby photo with Pepper

Well, it’s August 1st, and I’m going to try something a little different. There are going to be THEMES for different days of the week. Think you can handle it? Thursday is going to be Throwback Thursday (you’re welcome, Internet) and you’ll get whatever old photos (and maybe associated memories) I can dig up. This first photo is of me with my dog, Pepper. I’m about a year old in this photo, and wearing shoes with bells on them so my mom wouldn’t lose track of me. I thought Pepper was HUGE, though she probably didn’t weigh more than 30lbs, and I remember really hot summer days when we’d lay down on the back porch (not the one in the picture, the one at the next house) because the cement was shaded and cool. I also used to share my sugarcane with her, which is why I suspect I stopped getting sugar cane…

baby family photo in FL
Here we are at my grandparents’ house in Florida. This photo was taken by the babysitter, and I know that because there’s a matching photo with her in place of my mom, and I’m actually LOOKING at the camera because I’d look at my mom and not other people for photos, at least according to my little survey of the pile of old photos I have. My cousin, aunt and uncle are also in the picture, my dad’s holding me and my mom is in blue.

baby photo, stink eye

Aaaaand this one’s my favorite. Sometimes (okay a lot of times) toddlers just look drunk as they try to figure out how their muscles work, and this is one of my looking-like-a-drunk-toddle pictures. HA.

Y’know, this face looks a little familiar….

Comparative Facemaking.


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