BEDA Day 2: California Friday

Old Town, printer


Day TWO! Friday is going to be California Friday this month where I tell you about something local that I’ve done recently. When my folks were here last month, my dad and I visited Old Town. I’ve been there a few times (my tea shop is there), but I always enjoy it, and usually find something I haven’t seen on other visits. This time I discovered the print shop. It had old printing presses with the movable type and such. Very cool.

Old Town, dad's root beer

We walked around most of the afternoon and enjoyed live music, pretty scenery, historic (reconstructed) buildings, and then took a break at the root beer shop, where you can find dozens of different root beer varieties, as well as other unusual sodas. I’m not a huge root beer fan, but I very much like Virgil’s, which is relatively local. Their other sodas are good, too, and they make the Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Beer for making “Butterbeer” at home. ^_^

WIleys visit, Old Town

We checked out some gardens, and a lot of the shops and museums. It was such a nice day that we made reservations for dinner that night, and came back around sunset to enjoy some good food.

Old Town, sunset

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