joanna irl

Checking in

I’m just checking in because, well, I haven’t posted much in the last two months.

First I was giving myself a break from BEDA, which always seems like a good idea on, y’know, July 31 but by about August 28 I’m kind of over the whole thing and ready to go outside and see that BRIGHT THING THAT IS CALLED THE SUN and, well…

And then it was October and I was out of town briefly and when I came home, the computer that I’d nicely shut down (and waited for the extra time it needed to finish it’s PROCESS or whatever it was doing) wouldn’t turn itself back on again. I tried everything I knew how to do and finally called a friend to do what I didn’t know how to do and we dismantled the whole thing and it turns out IT’S DEAD.

So now I’m operating mostly in a mobile setting. Blogging is hard when you’re swiping on a phone screen… Or on an ipad, where the keyboard is just too small to be ideal.

I’ll get back to blogging eventually, but I have to be honest… NaNoWriMo starts on Friday and that’s probably going to be where all the words go.


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