Sail away, sail away

Sun sail

Sitting on a low-slung sailboat and watching the water fly beneath you, almost close enough to touch, is possibly as close to feeling like a seabird as you can ever get. The salt crusts on your face and the water sprays in your eyes and yet it doesn’t matter because the waves and the sky go forever out of sight and the wind propels your flight toward blues and greens.

Sailing view 2

Today a few of us went sailing in Kaneohe Bay again and this time I put my phone in a waterproof bag and snagged some photos for you. We got soaked and had a wonderful time on my friends’ catamaran. Sailing a small boat like that isn’t terribly hard on a basic level, though I can tell it takes a lot of practice to really do it well. Today was mostly a riding day for me as the two other girls out on the boat were learning to manipulate the sails.

Sailing view 1

We hung out for a while at the sandbar in the middle of the bay and had some snacks and got some sun. That’s also the perspective for my photos since I didn’t want to risk dropping anything in the water while we were moving.

Sailing view 3

We also saw a sea turtle while we were out; it dove beneath the boat as we sailed past. All in all it was a great day, and I’m exhausted but happy. ^_^

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