Springtime in Hawaii: week 13 of 2012 in photos

3/26/2012 blue sky backyard

Monday was the first day for which I don’t seem to have a photo, so I’m posting two from Tuesday, 3/27. This is my friend’s backyard.

3/27/2012 broken bathroom light

Tuesday I took a photo of my bathroom because the light had been out for three weeks at that point (at least) and it was getting ridiculous to get an electrician out here (the property management doesn’t want us fixing anything and honestly I don’t have the parts to fix it anyway). It got fixed today, 4/2. Almost a month in the dark.

3/28/2012 lion photo on the screen

Wednesday during the music portion of youth group they used one of my photos of Zola from the Virginia Zoo as the background image. I was the only one there who recognized her (of course) but it made me happy to see her anyway.

3/29/2012 Zoo Mosaic

Thursday I found that the mosaic at the zoo had been completed, along with these two pieces to which I contributed. The rhino is dedicated to the white rhino, Kruger, who passed away last year. The hyenas are the zoo’s two resident spotted hyenas, Mars and Whoop, and we wanted them represented, too. ^_^

3/30/2012 while walking with J, we saw saffron finches

Friday, J and I took a walk and saw several saffron finches, which always seem to be in pairs. I did my best to take a picture because they’re so pretty.

3/31/2012 whale count waves that are ridiculously high

Saturday was the last whale count of the season and because the wind (and therefore the waves) were so high, we only saw three whales all day. I tried to take a photo of how high the waves were, but couldn’t really capture it. I was sitting about 100 feet up (we’re on a bluff overlook) and looking down at those rocks and would guess the splashes were at least 30 to 40 feet high. It was amazing. And frustrating because we couldn’t see the whales to count them.

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