Things I have observed today

In list form.

  • The days I come home so exhausted that I don’t even have energy to shower and just want to collapse on the couch are the days when I most need to be clean and can’t really sit on any surfaces in the house.
  • People read signs, if you make the letters big and the words simple.
  • The cats think that I cannot tell time and that I will (one of these days) give them their dinner 4 hours early. This has never been the case, but hope springs eternal, I suppose.
  • Having just one cleared surface makes the whole house feel less cluttered.
  • I seem to have given away or misplaced some of my books because I cannot find certain titles in the spots I know they belong.
  • I’m getting less junk mail these days, which is a plus.
  • It doesn’t feel like April… and yet it really does feel like April. This year’s going by quickly.
  • I have lots of ideas for BEDA until I get home, so exhausted I don’t feel like showering, and then you get a bulleted list. Lucky you.
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