Beach day

There are several posts I mean to write this month. One of them is maybe a new “Learn a New Animal Day” entry, but I can’t quite decide which animal I want to do. I’m open to suggestions.

Instead you get to hear about how I went to the beach today and how, despite my sunscreen applications every 45 minutes, my chest and left shoulder still managed to turn red. It’s not an uncomfortable burn, and it’ll be tan by tomorrow (or Friday at the latest), but STILL. I really REALLY tried and used the strong sport, high SPF stuff. It’s probably because I haven’t been to the beach since January.

It’s hard to complain too much about anything else that frustrates you about where you live when you can go to the beach in January. Y’know, and not be bundled up in thermals. And when the week before Easter you can bask a little too long and have simple AWESOME tan lines for your Easter dress.

My Easter dress is green. I am red. Will I look like a Christmas tree? (No, I won’t, because it will be tan by then, but I’ll have weird white stripes across my shoulders. YAY.)

Moral of the story: Sometimes sunscreen isn’t enough when you live close-ish to the equator. Or I need to get SPF 100 or something.

And that is all.

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