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Not much happens and then everything at once: week 11 of 2012

Irony: I last posted a 365 entry on the day I took this photo… and I took this photo because as I went to bed I realized I’d forgotten to take a photo for the day, even though I’d just uploaded a bunch of them. So I give you: My Bedside Table on Monday, March 12.

3/12/2012 bedside table

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Floods and Fasts: Week 10 of 2012 in photos

This last week was a little strange for me. We’ve had a really high volume of rain in the last couple of weeks, especially this past week, and everything is saturated to the point of constant sogginess. Some parts of this island (not where I live, thankfully) and Kauai are under almost perpetual flash flood watches and there was hail on the windward side where my cousins live on Friday (they are fine, it just damaged their porch plants), not to mention a waterspout that came on land (highly unusual) and took the roofs off of two houses over there. There are jokes about it being 2012 all over the place, but really it’s the weirdest weather I think I’ve ever experienced. The only thing I can say about it is that now the island is lush and green and we got to see some really amazing sights along the Koolaus.

In the middle of the rain, we had bulk trash day and, after the beetle infestation that had lived in part inside of it, we decided at last to part with the red furniture we’ve had since we got married. It was handed down to us from a neighbor and was good for starter furniture, but it’s been in the garage the last 2 1/2 years and I doubt we’d use it again. Between the faded cloth, worn cushions, and the beetle business, we couldn’t donate it. So bye bye, red furniture!

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Takin’ care of business: Week 9 of 2012 in photos

This week has been one in which I accomplished a lot and worked very hard on several projects. My photos are mostly of things related to them, with a handful of other randomness.

Monday I cleaned the bedroom and started getting things together to make a deployment shadowbox and scrapbook for J. He collected some patches, so I had them spread out on the bed… and Caspian decided they were¬†his.

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Easing back into things: Week 8 of 2012 in photos

Last week was transitional, really, and I didn’t have the energy to post these photos last night, but here is last week’s set of photos.

2/20/2012 Krispy Kreme breakfast

Monday morning we got up at 3am and had a 5am flight to Maui. Redeyes are usually cheapest (which is our motivation, though I’m not sure for how much longer– we might pay for 8am flights from now on) and got to the only Krispy Kreme in the state right after it opened at 5:30. Happy.

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Strange Self-Portraits: Week 6 of 2012 in photos

This week I seemed to take a few random self-portraits that kind of capture what I was doing better than anything else. So here we go!

2/6/2012 highlights day

2/6 On Monday I got my hair done, and this was one of my retouching-highlights appointments so I had lots of foil on my head. I kept wondering if the aliens could still hear me through all of that aluminum…

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The places my feet take me: Week 4 of 2012 in photos

I did a lot of walking in the past week and had many encounters with wildlife, some nice and some not so nice. Here are the photos that document my week.

1/23/2012 Chinese New Year banner

1/23/2012 Last Monday was the start of the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese calendar. This was the first year since moving here I didn’t go to a parade or see lion dancers or anything, and I’m sorry about that. I imagine with it being the Dragon this year that all the dragon dances were extra special. I might still catch some in the next month, though.

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Tiny sea life

Today was a nice, quiet day that we spent (mostly) at the beach. I took some photos that will get uploaded later, but in the meantime, I wanted to show you the tiny hermit crab I found. I love how colorful he is, and that his eyes are the width of the ridges of my thumbprint.

tiny hermit

Also I’ve put a tab with my 365 photos in it (all three of them!) for now, though as the month progresses, I’ll probably have to move them to the photo blog or somewhere similar. We’ll see. The project serves no particular purpose, I just feel like having a project for the year. I may get bored and stop, who knows.

Hope 2011 is off to a good start for you!